When you arrive at a testing site, you will be guided into a testing lane and asked to fill out some paperwork while you wait. There will be a section to fill out insurance. Please note, while there is no cost to you for this COVID 19 test, insurance companies are required to reimburse Illinois Department of Public Health for certain costs of the test. You will receive no bill for costs, but you are required to provide your health insurance information to receive this test, if you have health insurance. You will likely receive a notice of the claim from your insurance company, but you will not be billed for any portion of this test the insurance company does not cover.If you certify that you do not have health insurance, we will submit your information to Medicaid for reimbursement.

Once you have filled out the paperwork and are inside the drive-through testing, you will be asked to lower your window to begin the testing process. You may be offered one of two options: have a trained technician perform the quick test or perform a self-swab.

Please make sure to keep windows closed in testing area unless otherwise instructed.


You will be asked to pull down your face covering just below your nose to facilitate testing. The test takes about 30 seconds and is not painful.

Again, thank you for keeping your community safe!

What to expect after getting tested?

IDPH Recommended Guidelines


IDPH Recommended Guidelines


For frequently asked questions regarding regulated guidelines after testing, please see attached files below: